I’ve had the intention of blogging for about as long as I’ve been on the internet, but every time I get started, I find a reason to quit after my introduction post.

This is becoming a serious issue.

My name is Alex, and I’m a writer. You ┬áprobably figured that out from my about page, come to think of it, but I like to repeat it, because words have power and if I repeat those words enough times I’m convinced it will make them true. I’ve been serious about writing since I was thirteen or fourteen, which means I’ve been trying to set up some sort of social media presence as a writer since I was in middle school, and yet, as with my schoolwork, my blogging career has been essentially defined by my singular talent for procrastination.

I’m seventeen now, about to enter my final year of high school, and that means final exams and university applications and SAT subject tests take up 90% of my conversations these days, and it’s sort of made me come to some realizations about growing up. See, when you’re in the early years of high school, you have time. You have choices. And you have dozens if not hundreds of people lining up to tell you that you have loads of time and loads of choices. You bomb a test, and people tell you that you have time to redeem yourself. You choose your classes, and you have people telling you to keep your options open, that you don’t want a choice to define you so early in your academic career. Thing is, I don’t have time anymore, and I’ve reached the point where I have to start making choices. My teenage years are no longer a vague adventure with no roadmap and no destination in sight. If my high school career is the Starship Enterprise, than I’m reaching the end of my five-year mission, and if I want to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations, I have to do it now. It’s time to go boldly or go home, and being at boarding school 3000km from my parents as I am, going home is kind of not an option.

So here’s to blogging, and writing, and going where no blog of mine has gone before.

(namely, having more than two posts.)